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Practitioner Skills Course

Format Start Date Length Registration Cost
Online 09/18/2017 12 weeks CLOSED  $200-$250

Course Description:

Learn the fundamentals of the IPS model and how to effectively provide top notch services to individuals on your caseload.  Throughout this course we will explore specific strategies, concepts, and skills that employment specialists can use to best support and assist job seekers to reach their individualized employment goals. Because this online course is interactive, you will receive personalized feedback to enhance your skillsets even further.  You can ask pointed questions about techniques for specific client scenarios, employer networking experiences, and other newly learned concepts.

Course Topics:

  • Using a Team Approach (including families, VR counselor and mental health practitioners)

  • Focusing on Strengths 
and Preference

  • Client Interviewing Skills

  • Job Development (Web-based)

  • Job Development (Fieldwork)

  • Planning Job Supports

  • IPS Supported Employment for Persons with Co-occurring Disorders

Course Participants:

This web-based course is intended for employment specialists and their supervisors. Vocational Rehabilitation counselors have also taken the course by partnering with their local IPS program. Those who are actively working with clients, new to implementing IPS services, or simply looking to refresh on ways to effectively provide services under the IPS model, will benefit from this course.

Course Format:

Each learning module consists of 30-40 minutes at the computer watching videos, reading, and answering questions.

Following the computer work, participants are asked to spend time practicing new skills during their workweek, and then write about their experiences on a discussion board, for example, after learning about new techniques for building relationships with employers, students are asked to practice those techniques by meeting with employers.

Unlike many other online courses, this training course includes contact with course facilitators who answer student questions and comment on all discussion board postings.

Course Schedule:

Participants may work on the course at any time of day or night, though sections of the course will shut down as the course progresses.


2018 Course Schedule:

  • January 8 – March 30. Registration November 13 – December 15, 2017

  • April 30 – July 20. Registration March 12 – April 13, 2018

  • September 4 – November 23. Registration July 16 – August 17, 2018